A large number of migrants from the former East Pakistan poured in Orangi Town, after the Dhaka Fall on December 16, 1971. Orangi Town was then a settlement with no civic facilities. Al-Khidmat Welfare Society had started several projects for migrated people, so that they could be settled properly. It had constructed houses, established educational institutions and provided clean drinking water for them.

Al-Khidmat envisaged a major hospital in 1974. A plot admeasuring 4800 sq. m. was acquired for this purpose. Plan was made for setting up a hospital of 200 beds and the lay-out plan was also prepared, while the name proposed was Shah Khalid Hospital.

Syed Abul Ala Maududi (RA) had contributed a sum of RS.400000/= for the hospital project. This was in fact a part of the prize money of Shah Faisal Award, conferred upon him by the Saudi Government, in recognition of his services for the Islamic world.

The members of the project committee, Shah Khalid Hospital were Dr. Abdul Majeed, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed (late), Dr. Iqbal Ghaiyur and Mr. Niamatullah Khan Advocate.

Work could not continue on this project, for some reasons.

Dr. Faiyaz Alam

In 1994, a famous social worker and a member of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Dr. Faiyaz Alam proposed an alternate plan for the aforesaid plot. Mr. Niamatullah Khan Advocate, President Al-Khidmat Welfare Society, Karachi approved the plan, after consulting with Osama Ismail Murad, Secretary Al-Khidmat and Ashraf Awan, President Distt. West and constituted the Project Committee.

The idea giver, Dr. Faiyaz Alam was assigned the duties of Project Director. He had worked day & night to make the dream come true, during the 1994-1998 tenure and was able to complete the first phase, with the help of volunteers of Al-Khidmat (District West) and philanthropists.

Al-Khidmat Hospital, Orangi Town had become the milestone in the Health Department of Al-Khidmat Welfare Society, as it was the foremost hospital of the society, paving way for several others, by the end of 1999. Then we saw the launch of projects like Al-Khidmat Eye-care Centre, Nazimabad, Dental care Centre, Al-Khidmat Hospital, Nazimabad, Diagnostic Centre and Al-Khidmat Hospital, Korangi. During the same period, the standard and facilities provided in the Al-Khidmat Hospital, Shah Faisal Colony were improvised and a modern eye-care centre was also established there.